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The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Senior Management Team

Discipline #1 - Build and Maintain a Cohesive Leadership Team
  • Knowing one another's unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Openly engaging in constructive ideological conflict
  • Holding one another accountable for behaviors and actions
  • Committing to group decisions
Discipline #2 - Create Organizational Clarity
  • Why the organization exists
  • Which behavioral values are fundamental
  • What specific business it is in
  • Who its competitors are
  • How it is unique
  • What it plans to achieve
  • Who is responsible for what
Discipline #3 - Over-communicate Organizational Clarity
  • Repetition - don't be afraid to repeat the same message, again and again
  • Simplicity - The more complicated the message, the more potential for confusion and inconsistency
  • Multiple Mediums - People react to information in many ways; use a variety of mediums
  • Cascading Messages - Leaders communicate key messages to direct reports; the cycle repeats itself until the message is heard by all
Discipline #4 - Reinforce Organizational Clarity through Human Systems
  • Hiring
  • Managing performance
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Employee dismissal