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Management Review Template

The primary objective of this meeting is to allow each person of your organizations senior management team to articulate their view of the business to ascertain individual perspectives and help us establish the collective mindset. Listening to how you explain various scenarios and strategies will be our primary objective.

To help make the occasion as valuable as possible can I ask you to prepare a presentation on a flip-chart page or two following the format below:

Step 1. Current Situation Analysis: How would you describe the current status of the business? What's working well? What's not working so well? What needs changing? What are you good at? Not good at? What is the "great unsaid"?

Step 2. The History: What have been the significant points in your development path that have led you to here? How do you look back on your history? (A short appraisal)

Step 3. The Future: Where do you see the business in 2012? Be specific. What does vision 2012 look like to you?

Step 4. The How: How will you get to where you are to where you want to be? What are the critical success factors that will need to happen to ensure vision 2012 is accomplished? What could stop/hinder you from achieving your desired outcome?

Here are the presentation guidelines:

  • Each person makes a 15-20 minute presentation (we'll flip a golf tee for the order).
  • Flip charts allow us to stick them up on the wall for a panoramic view as we progress. This way we can see the full picture; emerging points and "the obvious all at once" (don't need to be fancy here). However be bold use some colour and/or diagrams or creativity to capture your message.
  • Isolate 3-4 MACRO points in each step rather than getting too MICRO on operational issues.

This Management Review session is primarily fact finding and evidence gathering. In medical terms it's the examination stage. After the session SP Maloney Corp will be well placed to recommend and intervention for your company. Already we have several scenarios in mind but we want to complete "due process" before outlining a solution to you.